Hey friends, new and old!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be sharing this new blog and vision with you! God has been stirring in my heart for such a long time about these things, and seeing them come to fruition is exciting not just for my sake, but more importantly for his glory and (hopefully) the benefit of others.

I want to kick things off here with a series called Pick Up Your Mat. The series is based around the story of the paralytic, and the responsibility we have to take control of our body-mind-soul wellness. Will we continue to have excuses for why we are limping along rather than living out our passions in the best health possible? This is such a huge subject, but I’d like to offer some basic encouragement for each of the body-mind-soul areas to spur us all on in our health journeys! I look forward to hearing your feedback on what God is doing in your heart as we move forward together.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Week one – Exploring barriers to good health (comparison, shame, apathy, disobedience, feelings of worthlessness, past failures, lack of time or money)

Week two – Life is a team sport – building friendships & good health together

Week three – Realistic nutrition for busy lives + intro to traditional foods

Week four – Win the mental game (where true transformation happens) Romans 12:1-2

Abundant grace & peace,


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