Grace links for body / mind / soul


Hello friends ~

Let’s find a comfy chair somewhere, a quiet spot, or gather a group of friends to drink deep of grace, laugh long, listen well, and open wide to the mysteries of Christ this day of rest. May His presence fill you in the deepest darkest places, may His joy delight you in the way no one or nothing else can, may His people encourage you to press on, to press in, to fight for the joy that is your birthright as a child of the King. Truly, joy is the serious business of heaven (C.S. Lewis) and living in joy is the quickest way to bring heaven to earth! I pray these links will spark a little more joy in your life, as they have for me this week. To Him be all glory and praise! xoxo

Body //

The weather is changing up north, so I’ll share a couple of foolproof tricks that help keep colds/flu at bay…

Homemade bone broth – Hoping to get a detailed post of my own up on this topic soon…

Nasal rinse with Neti pot – feels weird the first time, but really works!

Essential oils – I like thieves, lavender, lemon & peppermint for a variety of things (oils are powerful, use with caution as you would any other medicine)

Yoga for immunity


Reading the classic Austen book, Pride & Prejudice – for fun, new vocabulary, and because the ebook is free on Kindle! 🙂

Encouraging prints to post, save on your phone, etc.

Do the next thing post – Simple, not easy – focusing on the next thing, one day at a time, keeps my thoughts captive and obedient to Christ (work in progress, mind you…)


Pastor Dan on JOY – what do you do / where do you go when your wine runs out??

Amazing time lapse video – heaven declares the glory of God! How can we not trust a God who spoke all this into existence?

Come to me, get away with me… learn the unforced rhythms of grace! Matthew 11:28-30 MSG

Audrey Assad – I Shall Not Want  music video



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