Soul care for the everyday mama

Hello friends…

Now that the winter is in full swing and we’ve made it through the busy holiday season as a ministry family, I’m ready to take a few moments to encourage you, my readers. My sweet little boys are getting to a fun age where they can play more independently, and also play together at least long enough for me to take a shower. That’s what is also known as a #momwin! 😉

I have been reflecting on and talking to friends about the struggle I’ve found in prioritizing soul care as a busy mom of littles. It was/is a huge passion of mine, that motivated me to start this blog in the first place (soul care in general), but I have found it increasingly difficult to squeeze out time to care for my own body, mind, and soul in the midst of ministry, managing a home, and caring for my little boys. It’s so easy to focus on “good” things, and let the “best” things slide. You too?

All that said, I think I have come to realize that I want to re-boot this blog to a new focus just for Moms, focusing on realistic soul care, and my own journey to accomplish that. Sort of an accountability for me to keep at it, but also because I love writing and encouraging others, women and moms in particular. Both writing and soul care are two big goals for me this year, and in order to reach my goals for other areas in my life, I know I need to take care of myself, and fan into flame what He has given me to share with others (2 Timothy 1:6).

How about you? Are you finding ways to care for your soul this year? Are your goals for 2020 “God goals” or are you resting in your own strength to carry them out? What do you think of my new blog focus, “Soul Care for the Everyday Mama?”

Soul care tip to try: What can you eliminate from your schedule this week? Most of us are over-scheduled and could use a little break- some margin in your day or week to take care of yourself, connect with God and connect with your “people.” Post in the comments what you tried or have in mind!

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