Why your soul matters in this crazy world

happiness-824419_1280It’s been a brutal year for many of us so far, and if you’re nodding your head right now, I’m guessing it could be any number of things. Perhaps you’re exhausted from weeks and months quarantined at home and you feel like you can’t do another day with masks, small children and up-tine messes to clean up (again). It can feel small and insignificant. Maybe you’ve lost a job and you feel hopeless that another one will open up before your bills catch up with you. Does God see what you need? Does he even care? I’ve asked those questions before. Maybe you’re heartbroken at the state of our country, between financial devastation to the economy, your hope for the future (and your kids’ futures), the reality of racial injustice, and confusion over how to help or respond. Me too.

It’s okay to be sad. Or angry. Or confused. Or all of above. But we don’t have to stay there. Grieve…and get back up. But how?

I’m reminding myself again that I have to put my soul care high on my priority list. Let me remind you as I remind myself that’s it not wrong to rest, regroup, and look up, so that we can find the strength to reach out to a broken and hurting world. So that we can deal with the brokenness in our own hearts and lives. In fact, there’s no other way we can find lasting hope and answers without that. Want some ideas? Perhaps some reminders will encourage you.

Have you shared your hurts with a friend?

Could you find even a few minutes to sit alone with God?

Are you engaging with good friends who love you and care about what is happening?

Are you letting go of the past (when the time is right) and getting back up?

Can you let go of self-pity or a victim mindset and instead rely on the One who gives us power and strength?

Are you turning off your screens so your soul can rest and renew?

What about a good fiction book and a change of scenery?

Can you hire some help at home with kids, cleaning or both?

It sometimes seems more holy to say “pray more,” or “read your Bible” or “go to church.” And of course those things are MOST important as followers of Christ, beloved children of the Most High God. But God knows that we get “stuck” and need some unique reminders of his love in the midst of this hard world. It’s okay to admit if you need some rest and rejuvenation. I’m working on that for me and my family also. Please post in the comments what is helping you to thrive and not just survive! Much love, friends. It’s been said so many places, but we’re in this together. Look in, reach up, and then you can reach out. May the God of peace, hope and joy be yours in abundance today.

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